•   Q: What is the price of your cookies?
    • The prices vary, depending on the design, details, number of colors and the size.
    • Regular sized (3"-3.5") cookies start at $48/dz (min order 1 dozen)
    • Mini sized (1"-1.5") cookies start at $20/dz ​​ (min order 2 dozen)

  •  Q: Can I get 12 different designs in a set?
    • No, I limit the number of designs to 3-4 per dozen.

  •   Q: Can you individually bagg them?
    • Yes, all cookies come individually bagged and heat sealed with no extra cost. Cookies can also individually bagged and tied with a coordinated ribbon for an additional $6 per dozen. Minis sets come in a sleeve of 4 cookies each.
  • Q: How much notice is required for custom orders?
    • Normally I require a minimum of three weeks in advance for custom orders if I am not already booked. Please plan ahead --the earlier the better.
  • Q: ​How do I place a custom order?
    • ​You can use the order request form here

  • Q: ​Do your cookies taste as good as they look?
    • ​That is an easy one....yes, they are absolutely delicious! Each order is made from scratch and I only use the best quality ingredients.

  • ​Q: How long is the shelf life of the cookies?
    • ​Cookies stay fresh for up to 2-3 weeks when stored in a proper airtight container. Cookies can be frozen as well. When freezing cookies use a ziplock bag and an airtight container. Be sure to thaw and let the cookies come to room temp in the original container and bag to prevent colors from bleeding.

  • ​Q: Do you do large orders for corporate or big events?
    • ​Yes I do. I have done custom designs for corporate events, corporate holidays as well as wedding favors. I do require a 50% deposit for orders of $250 or more and the remaining balance is due one week before the event.

  • ​Q: Do you make gluten free cookies:
    • ​Yes, upon request.
  • Q: What flavors do you offer:
    • ​Traditional: vanilla cookies with vanilla royal icing.
    • Chocolate: dark chocolate with vanilla royal icing.
    • Alfajores (best seller): shortbread cookies with dulce de leche filling
    • Chocolate Alfajores: dark chocolate cookies filled with dulce de leche covered with dark chocolate (Available only on hollidays)

  • ​Q: Do you ship?
  • Cookies are made in a home kitchen that has not being inspected by The Oregon Department of Agriculture. Therefore, I am not permitted to ship.